Since 1996, NK Galleria lnc. has been specialized in manufacturing and customizing textile ribbons.  We understand the importance of developing and design in this continuously changing market trend.  Thus, our company offers wide range of products with superior quality and design to satisfy customers' requirements and wants.  We value teamwork and professionalism, consistency and quality, rapid and on-time delivery to meet customer demand.

Our main products are woven edge ribbons, printed ribbons, jacquard ribbons, heat transfer ribbons and many others.  All our products are woven edge and some have been specifically designed for extra softness and safe edge from cutting and won't illiterate soft skins.  Our in-house dye shop is capable to match any colors within short time.  All color dyes are acid free and 100% archival

In NK Galleria lnc., we value our relationship with our customers and believe customer service and product quality is the key for a long lasting business relationship.  With our unique combination of people, excellent quality, innovative technology and competitive pricing will certainly provide a competitive edge to all our customers.

No. 235-11, Maogangwei,
Xiaying Dist., Tainan City
73543, Taiwan